Rocks'n'diamonds - Show keys 2014

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Rocks'n'diamonds - Show keys 2014

Post by Eizzoux » Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:52 am

Hey, guys! It's me and now I want to present you the graphicset which adds keys 5-8 and white key on the interface.

Show Keys | Show Keys + Wide plugin | Show Keys + R'n'D 2013/14 plugin | Show Keys + Wide plugin + R'n'D 2013/14 plugin
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Re: Rocks'n'diamonds - Show keys 2014

Post by filbo » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:47 am

Hi -- for those of us not doing active artwork design etc. -- what do we do with this?!?

Well, I guess I figured out most of it for myself, so here are my notes:

I downloaded the full thing:

If I make the extracted directory live at either my own directory ~/.rocksndiamonds/graphics/gfx_show_keys_wide_rnd2013/, or the system directory /usr/share/games/rocksndiamonds/graphics/gfx_classic/gfx_show_keys_wide_rnd2013/, a new entry shows up in Setup -> Custom Artwork -> Custom Graphics.

Selecting this (and setting "Override Level Graphics" to Yes) causes the RnD window to become wider (21 x 17 instead of 17 x 17 cels, or 42x32 instead of 34x32 in "Small Game Graphics" mode -- cool!). It also changes the level graphics (I'm currently in "Amiga Mine 1").

The first time I did warp-speed playback of a level (load tape, "Play" "Play" "Eject/Warp"), the player left glitch streaks all over the screen. But then this did not reproduce, and I didn't think to screen capture the one time it did it.

In the level editor, I can no longer scroll the tray of possible objects. Using the mouse wheel in that area scrolls the level contents up and down (as if the cursor was over the level). In fact, no click in that area produces any response -- I can't Undo, or scroll the list of objects by grabbing its scrollbar, or anything.

I played back a level with 4 keys and saw how the first 4 "shadow keys" were replaced by their bright images. It was a little disconcerting that the shadow and bright key of each color were different designs.

Do you have a list of level/sets which use keys 5-8 and especially the white key?

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