Concerns and inspiring ideas of custom resolutions

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Concerns and inspiring ideas of custom resolutions

Post by RAP » Thu Sep 18, 2014 4:51 am

Hearing the development of the game being ongoing, with R'n'D using Git in the Artsoft website, there's one particular nudging thought: custom resolutions. Mind that I haven't tested out the development version because I can't seem to find the Download section for the development files in the Git section of the website. Before the implementation, levels made for Rocks'n'Diamonds were made specifically for accommodating a 15 by 15 viewscreen, while Emerald Mine, Supaplex, and Boulder Dash games (and it's levels) had different resolutions on showing how much objects are in the screen.

With this feature introduced, it can make levels previously played by the limitations of 15x15 easier or harder dependent on the sizing. Easier as in giving more time to react to objects around you, and seeing parts of the level that you shouldn't have seen before; and harder as in giving the player less time to react with a smaller screen, or claustrophobic in levels that aren't designed that way. For Rocks'n'Diamonds specific-levels, they should be kept as the original 15x15; for any attempt to change it's size should be met with a warning so users won't be discouraged by experimentation of making the level easier or harder for themselves.

For levels that came from other games, especially for Emerald Mine, and Supaplex, this will finally fulfill the correct and intended way to play the levels with the resolution limitations level designers have to work with. Playing a bunch of Emerald Mine Club levels, there are certain levels that are harder to finish than intended because it uses R'n'D's resolution, not Emerald Mine's.

For new levels, there's potential for the ability of custom resolutions because levels can be made accommodated for those specific resolutions. But what if the resolution can be changed by a level to level basis? With this feature, I could make a maze level in a 5x5 or even 3x3 resolution, intentionally giving the player a claustrophobic feeling. I could also make an amoeba maze level that is seen to the player whole with the purpose for the player to make quick decisions on which path to go with a limited amount of dynamite. But what about level by level? Wait, wait, wait, what if custom resolutions during a level can be changed on the fly? What if say a CE sandball projectile hits the player while trying to mine for gems? The resolution shrinks to a 3x3 resolution for a short moment before reverting back to it's original resolution.

There's only one other thing that isn't covered: multiplayer. I'm not exactly sure if there are people who still play multiplayer (as in going through the levels, and not deathmatch against each other) since the majority of the levels are singleplayer. Speaking of multiplayer...I could do a self-challenge and tweak all the previous levels in Rocks'n'Diamonds to be multiplayer-friendly (with 2, 3, or 4 players), but that thought is for another time.


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Re: Concerns and inspiring ideas of custom resolutions

Post by DioramStudio » Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:54 pm

Hi there RAP,
I personally think that the multiplayer in R'n'D, whether it's co-op or deathmatch, adds tremendous value.
It makes the game a lot easier to showcase and share with people. Getting a widescreen version of R'n'D done will help its popularity, and make the idea of spending money on its advertisement (though I don't have too much of it) much more reasonable.
A forum full of black text on a white background doesn't necessarily convey our appreciation of your work. I can't speak for anyone else, though, achieving multiplayer in a widescreen context would be an incredible update.

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Re: Concerns and inspiring ideas of custom resolutions

Post by Holger » Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:12 am

Some quick remarks on the new "custom resolutions" feature, to clarify how it will work in the new version.

First of all, this feature will indeed be used to re-release all the classic level sets, especially Supaplex, Emerald Mine and Emerald Mine Club, which used a different screen resolution on their original incarnations. It is also important to know that this screen resolution feature is strictly bound to a level set (or, to be more precise, to a custom artwork set), which means that all existing level sets will play just the same as before in the new version, unless you select a specific custom artwork set to play them in a different screen resolution. New or updated sets (as mentioned above) may then automatically use a different screen resolution as appropriate to the set. Changing the playfield size from level to level (or within a level just being played) won't be possible though.

If you have any further ideas, comments or questions regarding custom screen and playfield resolutions, just let me know!

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Re: Concerns and inspiring ideas of custom resolutions

Post by RJ1 » Sat Apr 16, 2016 9:19 am

Now after the new relase is out i wonder how i can change the playfield size. A while ago holger told me per email (german) that it would be possible to widen the playfield eg. for emerald mine to full screen or
play the game without the sidebar in order to spread the playfield to full screen.

Im i right that this is not the case ?

if so, i just couldnt find out "how to", may be anyone knows help ?


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Re: Concerns and inspiring ideas of custom resolutions

Post by RJ1 » Sat Apr 16, 2016 2:46 pm

Ok, forget my question ;-)

I think this expains it


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