RnD Wii 3.2.4 (keyboard-only, BUGGY)

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RnD Wii 3.2.4 (keyboard-only, BUGGY)

Post by asiekierka »

Ok, so, Rocks'n'Diamonds for the Wii, yeah.
I stopped working on it, but i'm releasing it.
Source code will be available upon request, but it's a hack.

Get it here

Play around with it, USB keyboard required, Wiimote support unusable but sort-of implemented a bit.

Enjoy this belated Christmas gift! :D
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Post by RAP »

I'm not sure if anyone has a Wii for them play the program. My brother actually has one, but I'm not sure if the program would crash or not. I actually like the idea of having a Wii Remote as a simply a controller held side ways, or maybe have the numchuck. XD

Still -- I might try this out, but I felt that my brother would refuse to install it for me. x3
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Post by Holger »

Currently I cannot try this out, but it sounds very cool! :-)

Has anybody else checked it out?
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