*Really* last pre-release version 3.2.0rc8 available! ;-)

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*Really* last pre-release version 3.2.0rc8 available! ;-)

Post by Holger »

OK, I was wrong -- 3.2.0-7 wasn't the last pre-release. Here's another one! ;-)

This is for two good reasons: First, although 3.2.0 is virtually "ready for prime time", I won't be able to release it until the next but one week. Then, I still made some significant internal changes to the level file format -- these changes should be invisible to the user (besides breaking some things in levels created with 3.2.0-5/6/7), but although all automated tape tests ran fine with no problems, there might still be undetected problems when saving new levels, as the internal changes are quite significant, as mentioned. These changes should make it very easy to add new features in the future, so I think it's worth it!

Therefore, I have just uploaded a new (and this time really last) pre-release version 3.2.0-8 of the upcoming new Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.2.0.

It contains the following fixes and changes:

* fixed playing network games with the EMC engine (did not work before)
* fixed bug with allowing "focus on all players" in network games
* fixed bug with player focus when playing tapes from network games
* fixed "grass" to "sand" in older EM levels (up to file version V4)
* added use of "Insert" and "Delete" keys to navigate element list in editor
* added virtual elements to access CE value and CE score of elements:
_ - "CE value of triggering element"
_ - "CE score of triggering element"
_ - "CE value of current element"
_ - "CE score of current element"
* fixed handling of over-large selectboxes (less error-prone now)
* fixed bug when creating GE with walkable element under the player
* added the possibility to define up to five title screens for each
_ level set that are displayed after loading using (cross)fading in/out
_ (this was added to display the various start images of the EMC sets)
* added "CE score gets zero [of]" to custom element trigger conditions
* added setup option to display element token name in level editor
* added compatibility code for Juergen Bonhagen's menu artwork settings
* fixed bug with displaying wrong animation frame 0 after CE changes
* fixed bug with creating invisible elements when light switch is on
* added selection between ECS and AGA graphics for EMC levels to setup
* adjusted font handling for various narrow EMC style fonts
* changed EM engine behaviour back to re-allow initial rolling springs
* added credits pages to the "credits" section that were really missing
* added some missing element descriptions to the level editor
* added down position of switchgate switch to the level editor
_ and allowed the use of both switch positions at the same time
* changed use of "Insert" and "Delete" keys to navigate element list in
_ level editor to start of previous or next cascading block of elements
* added the possibility to view the title screen to the info screen menu
* fixed small bug that caused door sounds playing when music is enabled
* changed gravity (which only affects the player) from level property
_ to player property (only makes a difference in multi-player levels)
* added change events "change when CE value/score changes of <element>"

For more details, please see the file "ChangeLog".

Important notice: Always keep in mind that levels or tapes created with pre-release versions of R'n'D might fail in later versions without warning. So use version 3.1.2 if you plan to create level sets that should work with all future versions!

Please note that this pre-release (test) version is based on the current stable version 3.1.2, so you need this package first. You will also need to apply all previous pre-release archives (mainly graphics files that changed).

ATTENTION: If you have any problems getting the pre-release version(s) to work on your computer, please stay with the current official, stable version 3.1.2 for now! The final release will be available as usual in a nice, complete archive when it's ready.

The pre-release version can be downloaded from the usual download directory:
http://www.artsoft.org/RELEASES/win32/r ... 060520.zip

As always: Have fun playing around with it, testing all changes and reporting bugs, if needed! :-)
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