Last pre-release version 3.2.0rc7 available!

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Last pre-release version 3.2.0rc7 available!

Post by Holger »

I have just uploaded a new pre-release version 3.2.0-7 of the upcoming new Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.2.0; this is planned to be the last pre-release version before the release of the final version 3.2.0.

It contains the following fixes and changes:

* added option to control only the focussed player with all input
* added player focus switching to level tape recording and re-playing
* added special Supaplex animations for Murphy digging and snapping
* added special Supaplex animations for Murphy being bored and sleeping
* added four new yam yams with explicit start direction for EMC engine
* added delayed ignition of EM style dynamite when used in R'n'D engine
* added limited movement range to EMC engine when focus on all players
* fixed bug with missing (zero) score values for native Supaplex levels
* added "continuous snapping" (snapping many elements while holding the
_ snap key pressed, without releasing the snap key after each element)
_ as a new player setting for more compatibility with the classic games
* level sets with "levels: 0" are ignored for levels, but not artwork
* fixed bug with explosion graphic for player using "Murphy" graphic
* fixed bug with explosion graphic if player leaves explosion in time
* changed some descriptive text in setup menu to use medium-width font
* added key shortcut settings for switching player focus to setup menu
* fixed bug with random value initialization when recording tapes
* fixed bug with playing single player tapes when team mode activated
* added player switching (visual and quick) to R'n'D and EM game engine
* added setup option to select visual or quick in-game player switching
* added use of "Home" and "End" keys to handle element list in editor
* added steel wall border for levels using EMC engine without border
* added scroll delay (as configured in setup) to EMC graphics engine
* improved screen redraw for EMC graphics engine (faster and smoother)
* added multi-player mode for EMC game engine (with up to four players)
* added android (can clone elements) from EMC engine to R'n'D engine
* added spring bumper (reflects spring) from EMC engine to R'n'D engine
* added selectbox for initial player speed to player settings in editor
* added magic ball (creates elements) from EMC engine to R'n'D engine

Please also update the included graphics files in the "graphics" subdirectory.

A little hint: When playing multi-player games (EMC or R'n'D engine), use the keys "F5" to "F8" to switch focus between players, and use the "F9" key to focus on all players (if they fit to one screen). (These keys can be changed in the setup menu.)

For more details, please see the file "ChangeLog".

Important notice: Always keep in mind that levels or tapes created with pre-release versions of R'n'D might fail in later versions without warning. So use version 3.1.2 if you plan to create level sets that should work with all future versions!

Please note that this pre-release (test) version is based on the current stable version 3.1.2, so you need this package first. You will also need to apply all previous pre-release archives (mainly graphics files that changed).

ATTENTION: If you have any problems getting the pre-release version(s) to work on your computer, please stay with the current official, stable version 3.1.2 for now! The final release will be available as usual in a nice, complete archive when it's ready.

The pre-release version can be downloaded from the usual download directory: ...

Please also try these two level sets for the new EMC engine ("Emerald Mine" and "E.M.C. Mine 3", each with and without original graphics to test the new EMC engine with both graphics engines (EMC and R'n'D)): ...

The "E.M.C. Mine 3" set contains the new V6 engine elements like alien and magic ball which are now also contained in the R'n'D game engine.

As always: Have fun playing around with it, testing all changes and reporting bugs, if needed! :-)
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