Pre-release version 3.2.0rc5 available!

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Pre-release version 3.2.0rc5 available!

Post by Holger »

I have just uploaded a new pre-release version 3.2.0-5 of the upcoming new Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.2.0; it contains the following fixes and changes (don't panic -- the list is a bit longer than usual, but it's mainly lots of missing level editor settings that were added, and the "CE actions" settings were completely re-done):

* added level file chunk "CONF" for generic level and element settings
* added parameters for "game of life" and "biomaze" elements to editor
* added "wind direction" as a movement pattern for custom elements
* added initial wind direction for balloon / custom elements to editor
* added functionality for EL_BALLOON_SWITCH_NONE to R'n'D game engine
* added missing configuration settings for the following elements:
- EL_TIMEGATE_SWITCH (time of open time gate)
- EL_LIGHT_SWITCH_ACTIVE (time of light switched on)
- EL_SHIELD_NORMAL (time of shield duration)
- EL_SHIELD_DEADLY (time of shield duration)
- EL_EXTRA_TIME (time added to level time)
- EL_TIME_ORB_FULL (time added to level time)
* added dynamic checkboxes to custom element action settings in editor
* added "CE value" counter for custom elements (instead of "CE count")
* added option to use the last "CE value" after custom element change
* added option to use the "CE value" of other elements in CE actions
* fixed odd behaviour when pressing time orb in levels w/o time limit
* added checkbox "use time orb bug" for older levels that use this bug
* added new player option "block snap field" (enabled by default) to
make it possible to show a snapping animation like in Emerald Mine
* added "set player speed: frozen (not moving)" to CE action options
* added "move player: l/r/u/d/trigger/-trigger" to CE action options
* added "set player shield: off / normal / deadly" to CE action options
* added new player option "use level start element" in level editor
to set the correct focus at level start to elements from which the
player is created later (this did not work before for cascaded CE
changes resulting in creation of the player; it is now also possible
to create the player from a yam yam which is smashed at level start)
* changed "score for each 10 seconds/steps left" to "1 second/step"
* added own score for collecting "extra time" instead of sharing it
* added change events "switched by player" and "player switches <e>"
* added change events "snapped by player" and "player snaps <e>"
* added "set player artwork: <element choice>" to CE action options
* added change event "move of <element>"
* uploaded pre-release (test) version 3.2.0-5 binary and source code

For more details, please see the file "ChangeLog".

For some hints on the new custom element actions, see the forum thread "CE change actions".

Important notice on CE actions: The CE action settings were completely re-done, so if you have created any levels with 3.2.0rc3 or 3.2.0rc4 that use CE actions, you have to re-set the CE action settings for these levels. I'm quite sure that it's stable now, and I will try to do all further changes that might be needed in a way that keeps things running. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that levels or tapes created with pre-release versions of R'n'D might fail in later versions without warning. So use version 3.1.1 if you plan to create level sets that should work with all future versions!

Please note that this pre-release (test) version is based on the current stable version 3.1.1, so you need this package first.

ATTENTION: If you have any problems getting the pre-release version(s) to work on your computer, please stay with the current official, stable version 3.1.1 for now! The final release will be available as usual in a nice, complete archive when it's ready.

The pre-release version can be downloaded from the usual download directory: ...

As always: Have fun playing around with it, testing all changes and reporting bugs, if needed! :-)
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