www.artsoft.org moved to a new server

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www.artsoft.org moved to a new server

Post by Holger »

The web server www.artsoft.org (including this forum) was just moved to (that is, reinstalled from scratch on) a new server.

Everything should continue working fine (except the not really used Bugzilla based bug tracker at bugs.artsoft.org, which currently refuses to work and probably also has to be reinstalled from scratch, but I may decide to remove it, as reporting and discussing bug reports in the forum seems to be the best solution for most people, including myself).

If you should encounter any trouble in the next few days, it is most probably caused by some server migration hiccups, so I would be happy if you could report it to me by mail or forum post, and I will check and fix it.

Besides this, I hope there's no interruption in service. :)
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