Pre-release version 3.2.4rc1 available!

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Pre-release version 3.2.4rc1 available!

Post by Holger »

For the upcoming new R'n'D version 3.2.4, a pre-release version 3.2.4rc1 is available now! It contains a lot of the new features planned for the final version 3.2.4, which mainly consist of new customization options for the design of the main menu and the game panel, and limited support for loading native Diamond Caves II levels.

A detailed description of the new configuration options and how to use them will be posted in the "Level and Artwork Design" forum section within the next few days.

The pre-release archive also contains updated SDL versions, which are needed to run the pre-release version on Windows systems. They also fix problems with sound/music output quality on Windows systems that exist with the SDL DLLs included in previous R'n'D packages.

For more details, please see the file "ChangeLog" that is included in the pre-release package.

Important notice: Always keep in mind that levels or tapes created with pre-release versions of R'n'D might fail in later versions without warning. So use version 3.2.3 if you plan to create level sets that should work with all future versions!

Please note that this pre-release (test) version is based on the current stable version 3.2.3, so you need this package first.

ATTENTION: If you have any problems getting the pre-release version(s) to work on your computer, please stay with the current official, stable version 3.2.3 for now! The final release will be available as usual in a nice, complete archive when it's ready.

The pre-release version can be downloaded from the usual download directory: ...

As always: Have fun playing around with it, testing all changes and reporting bugs, if needed! :-)
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