Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

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Rocks'n'Diamonds released!

Post by Holger »

This is another bugfix release which fixes and adds the following:
  • fixed some problems with support for wrap-around levels in EM engine
  • added full compatibility for wrap-around levels in EM engine
  • fixed single-step mode for wrap-around levels in EM engine
  • fixed playing tapes recorded with old Emerald Mine game engine
  • added command “autofix” to fix tapes recorded with old EM game engine
  • fixed key shortcut to start/end game (that was broken since
  • fixed some other key shortcuts that require entering upper case letters
  • added menu command “:undo-tape” to restore previously recorded tape
  • fixed potential crash bug when loading custom artwork
  • fixed single-step mode for mouse click events
  • added creating undo/redo snapshots when using mouse click events
  • fixed problems with virtual buttons and showing envelopes on Android
  • improved startup speed by optimizing parsing of parameter values
  • improved handling warnings, errors and debug output
  • added showing commit hash on version page of info screen
Now available on the download page!
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