What did you do when the forums went down?

Anything R'n'D unrelated.

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What did you do when the forums went down?

Post by RAP »

Share your past-times, the times when the forum was down for quite a while! I'm very sure a lot of people want to share their thoughts -- !

For me, I continued editing MWiki (shh) as a sysop. Edit edit. :P And then I tried to work with Martjin to make some effort on running the site and trying to add updates, and work on his "wiki" Sadly, he's having spammers right now, spamming the main page. *sigh* :<

Anything R'n'D related? ...Well. I'm actually working on making my very own levelset. No, it isn't going to be crappy -- I would like to do this because the majority of the Emerald Mine Club levels are repetitive, and tiresome. So I'm starting up my very own EMC levelset, the levels that contain action, and puzzle, and both combined together. I have most of the levels planned out, but never tested them. I drew the levels in a notebook with grids (more easier!). I think this is going to be a very, very tricky set of levels! X3 I might continue drawing more levels... *evilgrin*

Computer related? I got a new computer from Black Friday -- HP branded, that AMD chip, and Windows 7 64-bit. At least it's functional and nice to use. :) (and it runs silent...yes)
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Post by Zomis »

Good idea for a topic! :)

I myself have been working on some different Adobe Flash programming projects. I've also been playing a lot of minigames on http://www.kadokado.com. I've also started playing Magic: The Gathering a lot. And I've been to France, again... :) And oh, Holger stopped by here on his vacation, so I've met him, his wife and their little son Rockf...Julius!

And of course... schoolwork has been killing me...
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Post by Holger »

Heavily working on an old house (still going on)! :)
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Post by Gavin »

I'm studying HND Computing Software at the moment: C++ programming, 3D design using Blender and some boring project planning stuff.

I also purchased a new car (Toyota Yaris) in the summer woo! :D

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Post by RAP »

@Zomis: Congrats on meeting the creator of Rocks 'n' Diamonds -- even though you saw his face via in a Rocks'n'Diamonds level, pixel-lated. Magic the Gathering? Very nice indeed, my older brother used to play the game until he abandoned those cards due to having his grades flunked. XD

@Holger: How long will your house be done? x3

@Gavin: Cool! Decent programming skills and a new car! Lemme guess, Cash for Clunkers?
Nathan H.
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Post by Nathan H. »

I've been playing DROD, a great game from which I've learned a lot about puzzle design. I've also been learning Python, with which I'm working on converting my own (and my only) puzzle game to PC. Beyond that, I have schoolwork to do (and the simple fact that Firefox recognizes the word 'schoolwork' should tell you something about the amount of it nowadays).
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Post by Dark »

It's really great to see the forum back, ---- and to here that Martijn's twikification efforts continue, ---- though slightly less great about the spammers.

I must confess I actually did think holger's son was going to be rockford for a second, ---- but that would be rather crazy, ---- and not particularly nice for the young man. Afterall, there are plenty of nicer and more normal Rnd related girls' names just in case Holger has a daughter in future, ---- Christal, saphire, pearl, diamond, ---- dynamite, exploding firefly etc! ;D.

As for what I've been up to, well carrying on with the big bag of interests and activities I usually do. i have recently acquired a 32 inch monster plasma screen which my pc is currently plugged into, ---- and rnd is fantastic on it!

I've continued my actual work on my phd thesis, and my voluntary, ---- but stil extant work as general news guy and reviewer for www.audiogames.net, a site devoted to gaming for the photonically challenged. i don't mean games like rnd which have visible graphics, ---- I mean literally audio games which use sterrio sound and speech to show what's happening, pluss games which are compatible with screen reading software.

To that end, I've done various bits of testing, two in particular, ---- I'm currently moderating a beta testing list for the first ever completely audio rpg/roguelike, and also privately testing a soon to be released scrolling action platformer which features various access features, --- including speaking menues and contrast options.

Oh, and I'm replaying super castlevania on my Snes, on my 32 inch monster tv! I completed it many moons ago, ---- but haven't done it for literally 8 years, so want to try again. Right now i'm cursing those axe throwing knights to the depths of Hades!
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Post by Francesco »

Hello everybody,
nice to see the forum up and running again.

During the time I've been away - far longer than the forum's downtime - I've been doing some 3D stuff with Anim8or and continued studying programming.
I'm happy to have come back, I'll try to get a grip on the latest news in the RnD world.

Hope you're all fine and well,
all the best,
Anyway, by the way, have fun!
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Post by Sigma »

Well, not a lot happened to me. The Artsoft forum is one of my sites I check everyday, so if I wasn't busy, I'd check to be greeted by the database error message. Truth be told, I was getting ready to give up entirely.

A heavy university workload didn't leave much time for anything else at all, but I did manage to achieve a few personal projects during my breaks :).
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