About 4 Years Later...

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About 4 Years Later...

Post by Jeff-O_o-Maher »

Oh well, hi everyone! If anyone remembers, I was a little 9-year old kid that posted only twice. But now, I'm no longer that.

If you do the math, 9+4=13, and 4 years=english improving. Yes, when I was 9, I was only starting to learn english, and as such I would have a obvious lack of grammar knowledge.

Anyways, I'm back, and this time, there's not going to be any more 'forums' from me. A dead business, if you ask me. :)

Anyways, I lurked for a while, and I see the board seems to have kept its good old roots.

I hope to enjoy this community as much as I used to!
Jeffrey AKA Jeff-O_o-Maher
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Post by Holger »

Welcome back! :-)

Just to mention that I was far away from being able to participate at all in an English language web forum at the age of nine! (Not that there were any web forums out there when I was nine... ;-) ) And you can be sure that even at the age of 13 my English would have been a lot more ... well ... rough. :-)

Hope you'll still enjoy this forum, though! It's even quieter than before, as I have even less time for R'n'D development since the birth of my son last year! But it's not dead yet! ;-)
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Post by moonmoon »

Welcome back! :D
Have fun here!
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Post by asiekierka »

Am I still there? :D
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