Compile with VS2015,VS2017,CLANG,Codeblocks, ...

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Compile with VS2015,VS2017,CLANG,Codeblocks, ...

Post by HerzAusGold » Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:54 pm

upload some branches to the repository.
- CLANG-compilable (only source changes)
- MSVC-compilable (only source changes)
- MSVC-CLANG-build-runtime (no source changes, build system for compilers, see below)

- VS2015
- VS2017
- VS2017 with CLANG
- Codeblocks
- mingw is supported as default

The MSVC-CLANG-build-runtime branch contains all you need to compile. Extract it to normal develop folder.

Next step is to integrate ZIP-Support, like in "rndTest" (see latest version
Later on I integrate mouse support, and the other stuff.

Have fun. 8)
And the answer is ... 42 !

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