DC3 in R'N'D

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DC3 in R'N'D

Post by asiekierka »

I want to see the Diamond Caves 3 elements (that which somebody do using CEs) to be in official game & level editor.

You, Holger, you don't need to remake all, just put that which you can:
http://www.bd-fans.com/Files/RnD/Levels ... aves_3.zip

But there is a Grass object, which is totally unneeded

But i have small list of objects which will be easy to ad but not using 1 ce:
- the door which need all 4 keys
- the skull door which need a skull key, else you die :-)
- the chest with a configured content
- ...
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Re: DC3 in R'N'D

Post by Darkon »

asiekierka wrote: - the door which need all 4 keys
The door doesnt require all four keys, it just requires one of any coloured key
asiekierka wrote: - the skull door which need a skull key, else you die :-)
There was a skull door that killed you unless you had the skull key? I thought the skull key was just a skeleton key that unlocked all doors?
And its actually classed as a skeleton key, regardless of the fact it only has a skull on it.

Ive been working on this alot recently, got all the doors done now, including the white doors

However the chests and the hammer are still pretty impossible due to the fact you need to snap the chests (and walls/nuts) to break them open once you have a hammer, Ive made a really quick workaround however... but it isnt right.

The nut also has a cheap workaround... I basically made a separate entity that responds to the spiked walls and the hammer when placed nearby so it explodes and changes to an emerald... Ill probably be doing the same thing with the wall/walls

The grass can be quite useful, it can be used to block in enemys while still leaving it able for you to pass, or it can be used to block off one way passages, It just depends on where you use it really. I also changed its graphic to make it significantly different from the emerald mines grass, I'll probably upload the changes once ive finished going over the light barriers, they actually work properly now.

I have to admit, alot of the reason most of those elements didnt work is due to the fact I wasnt sure how to do it (which obviously isnt the case now). However with the introduction of CE variables the white doors were easy to make.

Also, anyone know what the yellow aomeba does? Im really quite clueless...
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Post by Rockford4ever »

Sorry to revive an old topic... :oops:

Darkon: FYI The yellow ameube is another ameube which is the same as the green one, but only you can set another grow delay.
Indeed, the grass is useful, because it grows in DC3.
I actually thought it was a skull key, not a skeleton key, and i don't remind ther even existed a skull door.:?
I realy like how you made the white doors using CE value :wink:

Asiekierka, I don't think Holger will actually steal the elements from a fan levelset...
He will probably make them himself, so he can properly make chests and hammers and stuff. :wink:
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