Rocks'n'Diamonds dreams

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Rocks'n'Diamonds dreams

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I had a dream that Rocks'n'Diamonds had a bug where single-step mode only applied to the player and basic Emerald Mine elements for some reason. E.g., while single-step mode is active, time pauses for gems, rocks, robots, etc. as expected, but elements from other games would just keep moving. No idea how this saved for tapes.
There was an argument on the forum about whether this should be fixed or kept as intentional behavior, under the justification that somehow it was technically correct. Maybe levels had already been made exploiting the bug. Somehow the following rhetoric was used once: "Imagine if someone was getting married in 1984 and ran into this bug! Their wedding would be ruined." (Despite the fact that Rocks'n'Diamonds, much less Emerald Mine, didn't exist in 1984.) Holger was bewildered and asked both sides to calm down.

Any other RnDreams?
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Re: Rocks'n'Diamonds dreams

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This should definitely be kept in as intentional behaviour and anyone who disagrees is stupid.
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Re: Rocks'n'Diamonds dreams

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I never realized that it was an actual defect, that this forum software doesn't have a 'Like' button :)
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