Just some more overall customizations for Mirror Magic objects

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Just some more overall customizations for Mirror Magic objects

Post by Eizzoux »

As the name suggests, there could be just a bit more tiny quirks for Mirror Magic to be added.
Few examples:
  • Rather if char elements behave like a basic center block (what it usually does in the game) or a full block of wooden walls,
  • Amount of energy fuel orb can give you with or without surpassing the initial amount of energy,
  • If MM steel grids reflect or consume the beam (usually it consumes or, well, reflects back and overloads the emitter if hit),
  • Use oldschool disintegration animation of the magic ball or use a special .exploding or .shrinking-like animation,
  • Rotation direction for all auto-rotating objects,
  • If you rather rotate MM rotatable one-way polarizers through all 16 angles or only through the useful uneven numbered ones.

Also one more strange suggestion: a possible support of custom empty spaces in MM engine? Just so you could do some background stuff.
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