tape rewriting bug

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tape rewriting bug

Post by filbo »

RnD, my build.

I copied a tape from one level to another:

$ cp ~/.rocksndiamonds/tapes/emc_freak_mine_{1/081,2_easy/007}.tape

The resulting tape plays happily on emc_freak_mine_2_easy level 7; as it should, since the level files are byte for byte identical.

But suppose I now play the tape nearly to the end, then take manual control, do some different actions, and finish by entering the exit. RnD asks me: 'Level solved! Replace old tape?' -- I say yes, and the tape is not rewritten. It remains byte for byte identical to the one I copied.

This used to work, as I've spliced tapes from other identical or near-identical levels. I think I was always annoyed at a related behavior which I thought perhaps did not rise to the level of a bug: that the resulting tape saved in this manner still internally claimed to be from the old levelset name & level number. But at least the player actions represented the new version.

I may have some details wrong, from memory or misinterpretation of things I saw.

In any case, it seems clear that when it asks me whether to overwrite, and I say yes, that it should overwrite! Hopefully, I think, adjusting the level-this-solves information at the same time...
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