Music in the level editor

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Music in the level editor

Post by SLAPPYHAPPY2000 »

I looked in the files for Snake Bite by Alan Bond (specifically, the music files), and I saw this:

#--doesn't work
background.EDITOR: treehouse.mod

Honestly, I wished this worked, because working on a level for about an hour with no play-testing and no music tends to be really boring!
Just wondering: is there a chance you can implement this in the next version of Rocks'n'Diamonds, or is there another reason you did not want to add it in?
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Re: Music in the level editor

Post by Eizzoux »

Actually, it's pretty much possible to add music into editor if you:
  1. Add a fully transparent 2x2px global animation for editor in graphicsinfo.conf

    Code: Select all        RocksScreen.png      6      6  2 2 1
    global.anim_X.EDITOR.x:          0
    global.anim_X.EDITOR.y:          0
    global.anim_X.EDITOR.class:      window
  2. Chain that song with your animation by adding this like into musicinfo.conf:

    Code: Select all

    global.anim_X.EDITOR: treehouse.mod
Just as an example, a while ago I uploaded an 'Android Viewport', where you can see the full fledged jukebox in editor, where you can click a button to scroll through the entire song playlist.
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