Emerald Mine II level 73 solvable

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Emerald Mine II level 73 solvable

Post by Digit89 »

Hi there, I‘m stuck on level 73 of the Emerald Mine II levelset. It looks pretty straight forward with 14 emeralds and 14 diamonds, so overall 56 points to gain. However, it requires 66 points to solve it. There‘s nothing else, no bugs, no yamyams, no rocks. Did I overlook anything?
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Re: Emerald Mine II level 73 solvable

Post by jm28121977 »

Hi Digit89

You git! I can't believe you just made me play the most tedious level ever designed!

Looks pretty impossible to me bro. I mean, the level's just endless zigzagging along one possible path collecting dirt and emeralds. It's not like there's much to overlook. I'd say unsolvable and guess that the designer just entered the number of required diamonds incorrectly.

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