Nightmare on Emerald Street 01, level 30

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Nightmare on Emerald Street 01, level 30

Post by RAP »

I felt that this needs to have it's own topic separated from the Emerald Mine Club levelset completion, since I never seen something like this!

What the topic title says. Normally I usually stop my tracks if there's a level that's not compatible with the engine (like level 29 in the very same levelset, which exploits the pushing Bombs and Rocks to destroy the outer Steel Walls in order for wraparound to be possible), but this level? Uh, is it really possible?

Basically, you're supposed to get 150 gems and exit it out, but all of it is destroyed by many columns of burning dynamite! All but a few gems at the right side of the level. There's no Open Exit, I played it normally and no way to finish it, played it from the level editor hoping something would shake this out, nada. This is level intentionally unsolvable? Can anyone who has an Amiga or an Amiga emulator, play this particular level to see if it is possible to solve such a seemingly impossible level?
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Re: Nightmare on Emerald Street 01, level 30

Post by ncrecc »

I don't have time to try it out right now, but here's the levelset, and here's an Amiga emulator.

EDIT: Some setup required... you'll need the same ROMs that came with the original Amiga to make it work correctly. Supposedly.
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