Where does it show levels complete in main menu?

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Where does it show levels complete in main menu?

Post by Dark »

Great to see a new Rnd version after all this time, and also great the forum is back.

Plus, Rnd for some reason had a habbit of running very slowly on my computer for a while which was crazy, though thankfully that seems to now be fixed.

I do however have one question. one feature in new versions of Rnd I was especially looking forward to was showing of completed levels, ie, when you look at the main menu where it shows level number etc knowing which levels you'd already finished.

I expected this information to be shown by say colouring the text of the level number of finished levels another colour, or having the levels name above the minimap appear another colour, however due no doubt to my lack of eyeballs I can't seem to find where the complete notice is.

Could someone please describe where on the screen it appears, and i'll see if I can find it, (in such an inherently low vision accessible game as Rnd it shouldn't be difficult), or indeed if there is something in my setup that means it's not appearing.

If it is just the case that the completion mark is too small to be easily visible, perhaps something could be added to the game at some point, ---- but I'd like to make absolutely sure it's not something wrong first, ---- or indeed it is not just me being dim and looking at the wrong part of the screen.
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Re: Where does it show levels complete in main menu?

Post by HerzAusGold »

Click on the level number in main menu.
If you use EM levelsets or others the appeared screnn dont show differences
Use custom artwork.
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