missing Scripts/ and 'install' target

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missing Scripts/ and 'install' target

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The subdirectory Scripts/ is missing from both the git repository and the distributed src+binary tarball. It is referenced in Makefile:

MAKE_ENGINETEST = ./Scripts/make_enginetest.sh
MAKE_LEVELSKETCH = ./Scripts/make_levelsketch_images.sh
MAKE_DIST = ./Scripts/make_dist.sh

My attention was drawn to this because there is still no `make install` target, so I hoped to model one from the steps used to make the packages; but those steps are also missing!

Meanwhile, INSTALL says:
Just run "make" to build the game using either SDL2 or SDL (whatever being available).

Run "make sdl" or "make sdl2" to explicitly use either SDL 1.2 or SDL2.


That's all!
(which is a bit obsolete since SDL1 is no longer supported).

But that really isn't all. Having run `make`, there are a bunch of files in this directory, which, if copied to your destination (say, /usr/share/games/rocksndiamonds) -- would make a fully working copy of the game (minus most levels). But if you wanted to copy the game into your target directory without including all the source, build debris (e.g. *.o), etc. -- there's no mechanism.

I've lived with the level editor always spewing a giant error message to stderr for years; and having no item descriptions. Because the Debian package of RnD omits docs (docs/elements/*), and I'd built my system's RnD install from that + newer binaries + levelsets I downloaded. Only now, finally investigating, did I realize I needed to copy docs/... to my install destination.

This exploration also caused me to note the following files missing from my install:


-- 4 graphic files I guess a `make install` would have installed; and -- I see changes in the chunking of that tutorial level, but no git log messages about it: what happened? My solution tape likes both versions of the level...
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