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Dropping objects while inside of a blue tube has some odd behavior

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:07 am
by ncrecc
1. When you place an object, you and the object render as though you are above the tube until you step to another square.
2. Dynabombs never display under the tube, only above it. They also do not animate while they are counting down.
3. Nothing on the same square as you animates properly if you die while inside of a tube.
4. It feels wrong that explosives placed inside a tube can extend their explosions past the tube's "walls". I would suggest having some way to define which sides of a tube are walled off, and disallowing an explosive placed inside of the tube in question from extending its explosion through the blocked sides.
5. Tubes apparently block explosions, but if something explodes while adjacent to a lit explosive in a tube, the explosive in the tube will immediately go off.