Change of custom element costs 1 frame, so 1sec.=51fr.

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Change of custom element costs 1 frame, so 1sec.=51fr.

Post by Eizzoux » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:05 pm

I tried to make a simple and typical time stopper which was supposed to add one second to the time counter every second. And I encountered a problem: That time stopper was slower than normal time counter, so first time it added a second just in time, second one (second second, haha) was added a frame later, then third - 2 frames later and so on... So the problem is that custom element wastes 1 frame for changing, so every second for custom element is actually 51 frames or 1,02 seconds.
So I had to do this instead: Make first element just change to other one after one second or 50 frames, then make second one change to itself and add one second of time every 49 frames or 0,98 seconds to sync it perfectly.
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