Dripper revealing problem + Visible Invisible Sand connection issue

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Dripper revealing problem + Visible Invisible Sand connection issue

Post by Eizzoux » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:41 am

There're two visual issues happening with some invisible elements while they're revealed:
  1. Dripper is like an invisible amoeba which can be revealed by picking up the vision lenses or turning on the light switch. The problem is when you reveal the dripper and then wait until it drops few more drops, you can only see the dripping sprite turning into the invisible drippers, even if all other drippers are revealed already. Funny, because all other invisible elements (Inv. sand, wall and steel wall) being newborn are actually updating and automatically revealing themselves.
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  2. Here I did this: after I kill Yam-yam, he leaves 3 Inv. sand tiles, 3 Inv. walls and 3 Inv. steel walls. After I kill Yam-yam, newborn revealed Invisible sand connects to the other crumbling elements, but the older ones doesn't update. In fact, they don't even connect to each other. I'm guessing that's because of instant activation of them, like... It's so instant, all surrounding crumbling objects are still counting the newborn inv. sand tiles as not revealed yet, so all that becomes looking totally screwed up.
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