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'Burning dynamite (EM style)' weird behavior

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:51 am
by filbo
I just played the trivial level '/usr/share/games/rocksndiamonds/levels/Emerald Mine Club/emc_eagle_mine_13/35S' (EMC Eagle Mine 13 level 35). [Edited to correct the levelset, don't know how I got it wrong the first time...]

This contains 18 'Burning dynamite (EM style)' elements. There doesn't seem to be anything to distinguish between these 18, but when I start the level, they explode in two sets, as if one started life a little earlier than the other. In fact, if I pause right at the start of play, the two sets show fuses with different levels of combustion:

So I went into the level editor and filled the whole level with that element, and in test-play they all exploded at once. After 'undo', running the original level, they again all exploded simultaneously. In fact, leaving and re-entering the editor, running the unmodified level, they exploded simultaneously. They only explode in two sets when running the unmodified level in normal game play.

What's that all about?
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Re: 'Burning dynamite (EM style)' weird behavior

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:56 am
by RAP
Oh hey! You noticed burning dynamite in different rates. I mentioned a bunch in my Emerald Mine Club levelset completion thread (the earliest I mentioned is in this post, in regarding to the levelset, Junior Chaos Caves - Caves for Kids: "Level 15: This one displays an interesting element quirk, there are burning dynamites that has even a shorter fuse than the original burning dynamite, and in 3 variations! You can't even replicate it in the level editor as all of those burning dynamites are converted back to the original timing! I wanna use something for this, perhaps for levels that can't be doable without the shortest fuse possible~")

It's another of those quirks in exploiting the Emerald Mine engine, this is totally intentional behavior. What's not intentional is that due to R'n'D not officially providing the elements to be selected from the level editor (just like not officially providing self moving Rocks, Bombs, Nuts, and even Springs!), when playing it from the level editor instead of normally, all the variable burning dynamite is defaulted to the longest one, just like having the self-pushed objects reverting back to their ordinary fallable objects.

Re: 'Burning dynamite (EM style)' weird behavior

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:19 pm
by filbo
Ah, thanks @RAP! I should have looked in the encoding; as you note, these are actually different elements, hex 3B with a long fuse and 3E with a short fuse (and I guess at least one other in between, based on your observations).

So they are, simply, different elements provided by EM / EMC, and implimented in RnD's EMC gameplay engine, but only partially implemented in the level editor.

(BTW, edited my original post to correct the level ID)