Niko Boehm's tutorials - level 19 trick

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Niko Boehm's tutorials - level 19 trick

Post by Eizzoux » Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:14 pm

Not sure should I have to posted this in "Bug Reports". It's a trick to cancel turning of "Amoeba with content" into this content.

In in "Niko Boehm's tutorials" level 19 I could run before second rock starts falling just by holding Arrow Right button. In 4.0.X.X this trick was fixed... Partically, this trick is still possible but now you need to time it perfectly. After you run to the room that is being filled by Amoeba with walls, quickly collect at least three nearest dynabombs and go back to rocks. After all rocks falls down run to envelope but don't collect yet. Stand in one block to the right and one block to the down from it so you and envelope will cover one empty tile from amoeba. Plant dynabomb, then collect envelope right before the dynabomb explodes. If you'll do it right, dynabomb should prevent the amoeba change to the walls by destroying the last two amoeba tiles that didn't die yet so you'll get dead amoeba instead of normal walls. Is that a glitch?

Here's the tape:
Tape of Level 19: Dynabombs
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Re: Niko Boehm's tutorials - level 19 trick

Post by Anonycat » Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:54 pm

I have an old tape that demonstrates, perhaps, an interesting corollary to this. This is far more hectic than anyone can ever reasonably expect to play the level, and following along with what's happening is a nightmare, but basically the last of the amoeba cells in the top right dies off at an extremely precise time, just after two dead amoeba cells in the lower right have had their connection severed to the rest of the population, so the "chain-explosion" that turns them all into brick wall is unable to reach those two tiles. Later, near the end, a bomb goes off that should be in range to destroy both of those last two amoeba, but only one of them actually gets destroyed; the other is replaced with a brick wall. It doesn't end up making a difference, but it's one more quirk to a tape that presumably isn't already ridiculous enough.
Dynabombs in 0:20.10 (built, then cleaned up in a hex editor)
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