Looping/long sound effect fades incorrectly

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Post by RAP » Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:42 am

Minor, but self-explanatory:
  • Before creating a test level, turn on "Quick Menu Doors" in "Graphics" from "Setup" in the main menu.
  • Create a level by just adding a game element that has a looped or long sound effect, like a (the element that has their sound effect looped), in a solid rectangle, away from killing instantaneously.
  • This bug is applied in the main menu, and in the level editor.
  • The quickest way to trigger the bug is during the level editor: Upon playing the level, kill by going towards the enemy; upon death, press the ESC key and then almost instantly, press either the SPACE BAR or ENTER key. If you hear the sound fading out before new sound is being played during the level, you replicated the bug correctly.
I'm not sure if the sound and music fading is applied in normal circumstances, perhaps I haven't noticed it due to using "Quick Menu Doors", or that I turned off the music in-game (probably the latter)!

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