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Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:58 pm
by RAP
I discovered this when some of the Emerald Mine Club levelsets do not have the EMC graphics of a particular levelset, like say Ami Dasher, which I didn't mind (unless the graphics are missing for some reason).

Here is the tape I provided:
This tape file is proof of the bug being reproduced. It is for the EMC levelset: Ami Dasher, level 0.
(873 Bytes) Downloaded 517 times
To reproduce the bug with this tape file I provided:
  • After adding the tape, make sure the levelset uses the intended graphics set: Ami Dasher (which for some reason uses R'n'D graphics), with no graphics override.
  • Load the tape with F2: it loads slower than usual, with the numbers flashing less rapidly.
  • Back in the custom artwork from Options, override graphics and pick any EMC graphics artwork, like Ace Mine 1 for example.
  • Once it is done, reload the tape again, it loads faster!
  • Switching back and fourth: same result.
It just seemed odd that a piece of artwork would actually slow the tape loading down considerably.

- - - - -
I was supposed to type more of details because the bug I'm describing is more than that, but it's tricky to record and confirm it (as I was using a lot of mindpower on writing a bug report in an earlier bug thread the last time things got complicated). Hopefully when my head is clear, I'll work on the other more insidious bug. Here are my info scattered details, this means info may be missing (I prefer working that way):

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To reproduce this bug:
* Before playtesting in an empty level, make sure the graphics are set to Rocks'n'Diamonds classic, and the engine in the level editor "R'n'D".
* Play the level normally and save the tape.
* Instead of just playing the tape and watching  go to the exit, press F2 (default quick load tape). You should see the tape file loaded quickly.
* Edit the level by changing the engine to "Emerald Mine".
* Replay the tape again, the tape loads slower (and  didn't enter the R'n'D exit in the Emerald Mine engine; let's not mind that for a moment).

* Any EMC artwork that doesn't use Rocks'n'Diamonds classic graphics.
* Replay the tape once more, and finally the tape loads much faster in the Emerald Mine engine.

However, I checked other possibilities, and found a more mindbending bug:

* I reloaded the tape again, 

* Suddenly, the outside empty space at the right and bottom sticks out, and  isn't there!
* To revert it back to normal, you must play (or load a tape) a level that is 3 levels away from the test level. I was playtesting Level 99, and had to enter or play the tape on Level 96
* What triggered it is seems is that due to the instant-saving feature (which was implemented in response to the long loading times of playing [b]Zelda[/b] and [b]Zelda II[/b]) .

In the options menu, under Custom Artwork, override the level artwork and select