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Screen additions

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Just got some ideas for more customizations for menu and game screens.
  1. How about making an option for switching between three different clicking functions of three editor element slots: first one is the original one, clicking on each of them will display properties of the element in that slot, second one is from MM 2.0.2 and under, which rotates/switches the element in a slot, just like in older versions of Mirror Magic, and third is "switching" between them, that lets you draw elements from the chosen slot. That third option would also be useful for Android version;
  2. How also about adding special rotation buttons, that would probably be useful for new people who doesn't know these"button shortcuts". And especially that would be useful for mobile players since you can't rotate on it, so it's pretty much impossible to rotate anything on phone/tablet;
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  3. It would be really cool to do different menu buttons for each submenu: LEVELS, LEVELNR, SETUP, INFO, SETUP[GAME], SETUP[EDITOR], SETUP[GRAPHICS], SETUP[ARTWORK] and etc.
  4. Also how about some panel additions? Like, amount of collected 'mm_key's, bar of waiting until you melt down the ice wall or surprise orb, grow new amoeba wall, push a block, trigger a bomb or do anything else that takes some time to hold the laser beam on to proceed. Sometimes you just don't know how long do you have to wait until ice wall melts, or how many keys in MM I have in my inventory.
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