"Playlist" support

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"Playlist" support

Post by Eizzoux »

What if we could do few different tracks for one title/menu screen or one level (or for the whole game). Some kind of "in-game radio" we could do for menu/game instead of looping just one track. Like "playlists" in media players. Or what if game actually could support the media playlists itselves? M3U Playlist, as example. Does this sound like a pretty good idea? :D
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Re: "Playlist" support

Post by MateFizyChem »

I definitely agree. The best we can currently do is add/remove tracks to the music folder only to make level 4 sound differently compared to level 1. Actually, I have manually added the tracks from Mirror Magic and I think they fit well, or I am just tired of hearing the same 3 tracks. I do not like a track being exclusive to a level and I do not like the small amount of the tracks.
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