2.5 D

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2.5 D

Post by jm00092 » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:58 pm

I love the actual look and feel of the game and its elements. But it would be fun if we have an alternative graphics environment made in 3D

It would not be a 3D game. It would be the same game, the same levels library, with the same elements, the same rules, the same times, the same movements.. But all drawn in 3D

The scenario would still be vertical. The player would move up, down, left and right only. Never in or out. But all game running in 3d with perspective, camera movements, lighting, etc.

A huge coding work, although it does not change anything in the operation of the game. Only to attract new players that want all in 3D. Like Boulder Dash 30 anniversary. The classic players can continue using the 2D game.

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Re: 2.5 D

Post by Holger » Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:35 pm

Like Boulder Dash 30 anniversary.
Exactly what I thought of after your "2.5 D" description! :-D

Yes, this would be technically possible, but would require completely changing the graphics engine (while keeping compatibility with the classic graphics, probably by supporting two different graphics engines). In addition to writing such a new, pseudo-3D graphics engine, it would also require creating the corresponding graphics for the new engine.

Unfortunately, although I do like the idea of such a second, alternative and radically different graphics engine, I know that I by myself won't have the free time in the foreseeable future to write such a new engine and create all those new graphics.

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