Improving and modding Supaplex in RnD

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Improving and modding Supaplex in RnD

Post by Agetian » Fri May 13, 2016 1:22 pm

Hello guys!
I'm working on improving the Supaplex implementation in RnD a little bit when it comes to the game info screen and also on making Supaplex a little bit more authentic-looking and sounding in Rocks'n'Diamonds. There are several ideas that I have here, including adding the original 1991 Supaplex title screen, using the Supaplex song for levels and menu, possibly making an optional mod to change the falling infotron sound to the same one as a falling zonk for those who want to make it sound like the MS-DOS version, etc.

Here's my first contribution, however - it sort of bugged me that the info screen did not show the proper elements info for Supaplex (it still showed only the RnD elements, I believe), so I added the proper helpinfo/helpanim configuration files to make the game show proper descriptions for Supaplex elements. I tweaked the descriptions from the editor in order to fit the elements info text limits.
USAGE: unpack the archive into the "levels/Classic_Games/classic_supaplex" folder of your Rocks'n'Diamonds installation (or extract the files and manually place helpanim.conf and helptext.conf from this archive into that folder).

EDIT: Added the second file - supaplex_ui_update.tar.gz - that changes the UI to acknowledge the fact that instead of emeralds you're collecting infotrons and instead of dynamite you're collecting red disks. No changes otherwise. Extract the archive to "levels/Classic_Games/classic_supaplex" to use it.

If you'd like to use any of this as a part of a future Rocks'n'Diamonds release, you are welcome to do so and I'd be happy if you did!

Is there any interest in seeing my other possible contributions to this project? In particular, would it be a good idea for me to post my mod for the sound and music when it is complete? Also, I'm not sure if posting the original Supaplex song as an attachment here would be a good idea since I'm pretty sure it's copyrighted material (but on the other hand, I know that Supaplex is freely distributed elsewhere - e.g. at

Thanks in advance for your interest and input!

- Agetian
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Re: Improving and modding Supaplex in RnD

Post by Aurora » Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:25 pm

speaking of supaplex, can you add frozen zonks and freeze ports using rnd's level editor yet? iirc there were only options for gravity last i checked.

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