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Global Variables

Post by Black_ixx »

I've got a new more advanced idea for the map creator: Global Variables.

It could work like this
You could add a new "window" to "INFO" where the users can add/remove/edit variables using buttons.
The "add" line could look like this: [<name> (Text field] [ <type> (Choice)] [<start value>] [ADD]

Types the users can choose:
String (idk if it would be used)

Then when creating a map, the users can either check the values of the existing variables or set the values of them.


1. Add variable "boss-lives" type Integer with start value 10
2. IF hit by <Player weapon> THEN SET VARIABLE VALUE "boss-lives" TO (GET VARIABLE VALUE "boss-lives")-1
3. IF (GET VARIABLE VALUE "boss-lives") <= 0 THEN <kill boss>

Yes, my current structure is a little confusing... But I'd love to see something like that implemented :)
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