Player inventory "screen" or pop-up

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Player inventory "screen" or pop-up

Post by Lee Brewer » Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:29 am

Using BD2K# graphics set as a reference in this post!

I have recently made several levels where Rockford has to:

Kill: by:
Skully shooting with a CE looking like the "electron"
Yam Yam's shooting w/ a CE looking like a green laser beam
Beetles shooting w/ a CE looking like a purple laser beam

Several of these beasties can be in the same "shooting arena" at the same time and therefore Rockford needs to carry several of each ammo - BUT plan accordingly since the CE's can only be thrown in reverse of the sequential order they were picked up in.

Although it would be nice to have multiple, definable keys for different types of ammo - or a "switch ammo" type key, I am thinking of nothing this grand. I was just wondering how hard it would be to make a small inventory screen someplace (maybe could be seen by hitting a key - thereby also pausing the game) so as to be able to tell what Rockford is carrying. The counter for (normally) the number of bombs tells me how many items I have - but not of which type and which one is going to be fired next.

Maybe, if this is deemed a good idea - I got this in just in time for the new release?


Oh - one more thing. Yes, it can be done with CE's - allowing an option (say on screen 2 of CE customization) which would allow one CE to change/explode etc. when another object/Yam Yam/etc. hits/touches/etc. another one. But, Oh, how much easier it would be to have:

See (made up) proposed - attached - pic URL: ... gePic1.jpg


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