Stating new project, accepting help: Supaplex 2!

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Stating new project, accepting help: Supaplex 2!

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2021 (next year) marks the year of Supaplex's 30th Anniversary! Supaplex is a game that has a huge legacy, having many many fans who shown their love towards the game in the Supaplex level collection. Without Supaplex, we might not have had Rocks'n'Diamonds as the great game we know it today. That's why for Supaplex's 30th anniversary, I want to make something huge to celebrate.

Which is why I've started work on a massive project titled... SUPAPLEX 2! (title not final)

Supaplex 2 (title not final) will be a brand new Supaplex styled levelset, with all-new elements and several extra features! A lot of polish will be put into every graphic, sound, and level! I want this levelset to show just how great Supaplex is, and how much we care to keep it alive.
Which is why I am accepting help in creation in this levelset! Anyone who wants to help is free to shoot me a private message on the forum, and I will point you in the right way! When I get everything set up, I'll need help with:

- Level design
- Custom graphics
- Sound creation
- Custom element creation and management
- Reprogramming and text file management (if you are interested in this factor, write to me for more information)
- Hardcore Supaplex fans who can help with play testing and just general ideas
- Other (let me know if you want to do something other than what I stated here)

If no one helps me on this, I'll be kind of sad, but that won't stop me from making this levelset! It might be a bit worse because there are people out there who are WAY more experienced than me, but I'll still do my best.

Thank you for reading, and remember, private message me if you want to help with Supaplex 2! (title not final)
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