First sneak peak of one of my level-sets revealed: Boss Fights???

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First sneak peak of one of my level-sets revealed: Boss Fights???

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Rocks'n'Diamonds is an amazing game that was explored in many different categories by wonderful creators such as Alan Bond and Jürgen Bonhagen. However, one possible category of Rocks'n'Diamonds has not been explored that much, and that is the potential for BOSS FIGHTS using custom elements. I have only ever seen a Rocks'n'Diamonds boss fight in the BD2K3 level set by Alan Bond, where at the end of the game (spoilers) you fight Robot Rockford.

I aim to either make a level set that prominently features boss fights and miniboss fights or an entire boss rush entirely. These will consist of bosses that make use of new level graphics made in ConfEdit, and with new mechanics such as elemental projectiles and weak points.

I will work to make this as good as I can, and I might need a bit of help on the way from anyone who is willing. I don't have any screenshots at the moment of one of the boss fights, but let me know what you guys think of the idea, and whether I should make a level set featuring bosses or an entire boss rush.

Thank you very much!!!

P.S. If you guys have any ideas for bosses, let me know and I might include your idea :wink: .
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