Double layer tubes test + some shapes

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Double layer tubes test + some shapes

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So a while (over three years) ago I made an idea topic of adding two different layers for an element to surround player with, one of them being behind him and other over him. [link]

Some time later (around a year later, I don't quite remember) I discovered an interesting behavior of translucency in-game. The translucency of global animations works as intended, but elements won't have any translucency, unless you'll make these elements be walkable under it. Behind the player will be the sprite without any translucency, but player will be still covered with the real sprite with actual translucency. For example, if you'll make an element just a gradient transitioning from white color to blank translucency, the sprite will be just purely white, but when player will step in, you'll see how player will be behind white gradient. Weird explanation, sorry, I tried...
But then an idea hit me to use that behavior for "something", but I held it for a while, and only tonight (yeah, it was 2:50 AM for me, when I made this topic), I finally decided to give it a shot... aaaand... ya know, if the topic is here, in Levels & Artwork page, then you already know... It worked pretty well!
My idea to just make something that should be behind player very translucent, like, around 1-4%, so it would be barely visible covering player, but fully visible behind him.

Yeah, that "something" was a tube. Now tubes have little windows to see through. It's even kinda dark inside.
kafhu.png (53.09 KiB) Viewed 4826 times
Here's also attempt of using this idea for simple shapes. As you can see, red shapes are covering player, while the green shapes are behind him.
ksdf.png (3.74 KiB) Viewed 4826 times
Here, you can try it by yourselves ;)
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