R'n'D nostalgia graphics

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R'n'D nostalgia graphics

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I noticed once there's that "Rocks'n'diamonds level" graphics which I've never seen before, and I just got really curious what R'n'D looked like in very first years of development. I checked Screenshots page, and screenshots of the game are from 1.3.0. I downloaded R'n'D 1.3.0 which I can't play because it's for MS Dos and there's no 1.3.0 for Windows, but I still could take some graphics from there and visually recreate old editor as close as I could and replace some sprites with old ones. But while I was taking the graphics, I saw these huge CONTROL WINDOW, FLOOD FILL and arrow buttons graphics, but that's not important since it's not part of version 1.3.0. Okay, to the point, I just tried to recreate the editor of version for the most part, just, like, experimentally, that's really it.
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