Boulder Remake gfx/mus/sfx

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Boulder Remake gfx/mus/sfx

Post by Eizzoux » Thu May 24, 2018 11:05 am

Yet another graphics port with visual features made very close to the original. Now from Boulder Dash clone named Boulder Remake.
What's done:
  • in-game elements
  • main menu background
  • in-game interface 80% similar to the original (lives system strikes again to ruin the perfection)
  • fonts (there're not so many of them)
Things I can't do:
  • highscores window in main menu
  • different colors of sand in different caves
  • starting level animation
  • editor
  • some new game elements from Boulder Remake (like Rockford clones, slime, acid and some kind of bomb)
Recommended to play with these assets only BD levels (classics or custom, whatever)
Screenshots (with comparison to the original game):

Nothing in here...*

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