2nd tile test

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2nd tile test

Post by Eizzoux » Sat May 19, 2018 6:05 pm

One time I was wondering if "2nd_movement_tile" works on player's pushing animation. I mean if pushing animation is different for "trying to push" and "pushing from place". And, yeah, it works, but this 2nd tile behaviour is kinda hard to work on, because I can't guess if animation is initially reversed and if both tiles are swapped.
Actually, that's a bit sad we can't do different animations for these "trying to push" and "pushing from place" anims. Same thing for snapping - if player snaps nothing snappable (except switchable and snappable CEs with specific function on snapping em'), there will be no animation for that, but if player snaps anything collectible/diggable (or BD_rock), the snapping animation will be playing until you release snap or direction button, but no replaying animation when you snap something else fallen or moved to your snapping field while you continue snapping. I'm not sure if anybody understood what I mean... Whatever...
Here, take a look:
Nothing in here...*

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