My level set

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My level set

Post by Sulps »

Hi there!

I started making levels a long time ago and finally decided that I don't have any more ideas and wanted to upload them. So here is my level set, 66 levels in total!
I basically made whatever came to mind, so there are lots of different kinds of levels. Everything from your average EM-ish puzzles to time runners to entirely new approaches (as far as I know), such as using yourself to attract life or navigating through an invisible maze with the help of a bug (the walls kill you if you run into them).
One more thing, if the first 10-20 levels are too easy for you, don't worry, it gets much harder.

Have fun!
Sulps levels.7z
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Re: My level set

Post by Gavin »

Had a quick look, good variety of ideas
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