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Nooby question

Post by Forty-niner »

So, I download a levelset, and find a bunch of level files, a levelinfo.conf file, maybe other files too... where do I have to put each of these filetypes, though?
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Post by Jannik »

2 possibilities (replace 'mylevel' with the name of the level):

1. In the program folder of RnD create a folder like this:
C:\Program Files\Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.2.2\levels\mylevel
for .level files and levelinfo.conf
and a folder like
C:\Program Files\Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.2.2\levels\mylevel\tapes
for the .tape files.

2. In the user profile folder of RnD create a folder like this
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents\Rocks'n'Diamonds\levels\mylevel
for .level files and levelinfo.conf
and a folder like
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents\Rocks'n'Diamonds\tapes\mylevel
for the .tape files.
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Post by Daniel H. »

What Jannik said works if you have Windows.
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Post by Tomi »

On Linux (or Unix in general?) it should be /usr/share/games/rocksndiamonds/levels/... and ~/.rocksndiamonds/levels/..., respectively.
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