3 new levels

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3 new levels

Post by springli »

for your fun & amusement... I hope ;)


This is my first attempt. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Post by Jannik »

They all are really well designed! My favourite one is level 003. The idea is great, you need many tries but it is a lot of fun! 8)
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Post by Francesco »

Yes, really nice and tricky levels! I've solved the third only cheating (time limit set to off :oops:) Well done, Springli!

Note to level 3: there are two ways to pass from one section to the other: the obvious one is to wait until a Dark Yam frees the space on the other side, the other is to keep pushing while a Mole is passing by, so that you are allowed to enter the door (but not to pass through), there you drop a bomb that frees three tiles to let you pass - well, it needs a good timing, but that's the fun!
Anyway, by the way, have fun!
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