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Contributions 1995-2006

Posted: Sat May 05, 2018 4:42 pm
by MateFizyChem
Let's talk about the Contributions level sets! It can be sharing thoughts about a certain level set, choosing favourite levels, telling which levels were significant for other reasons, or some other aspects of the level sets(Maybe the future?).

I have not done all of the level sets yet, but I have got some thoughts about some of them:

(1995) Jan Hubicka's level 016(Mine after earthquake) is very hard. I had no idea how to get out of the section with a magic wall. In fact, I had to load the solution tape several times to get it! And I thought that every level is easy given enough time with the recorder!
About the level set itself, I like it. It has been pretty fun and creative. Funnily enough, I did not guess what does "Sipkova Ruzenka" mean, even though Czech and Polish are both West Slavic languages!(I am Polish) :lol:
(1998) I like Ben Braithwaite's level set a lot. It has been very fun, and I like the "it does not have to be challenging to be fun" approach. Some levels can be exited at the start, but you can explore(examples: 000(Come past it!), 005(Collect lots of points), 023(Fun spiral), 053(Don't hurry), 093(Kill the crunchers)). Many levels stood out to me: 022(Doom), 030(Long way up), 061(Doom two), 062(Doom doom doom doom doom doom), 070(Tutti frutti), 078-092(#-#-M) and many more! :D
(2000) I love Arno Luppold's level set! It simply focuses on fun, like Ben Braithwaite's level set! I also love the drawings! My favourite levels: 020(Emerald Mine II), 041(A castle) and 047(Happy new year!). :mrgreen:
(2001) Helge Hafting's Avalanche is quite big, crazy and fun.
(2006) Sascha Mücke has done a great job using custom elements. My favourite level of the set is the last one(008)(CE-experiment).

Another noteworthy thing is that some contributors have put in their contact info(e-mail or phone number) and I thought: "Oh boy, if RnD becomes popular, then they are going to have a bad time." :shock:

So, what do you think?

Re: Contributions 1995-2006

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:43 am
by RAP
Oh hey, it seems you've been inspired by my Emerald Mine Club level completion topic. Nice to see people sharing their thoughts on levelsets, new or old! Ben Braithwaite is a particular fun kind of levelset, a levelset that doesn't necessarily need difficulty for it to be fun (or the more appropriate term, engaging). Now only if Holger will put in new levelsets to be beaten (or if the forum will enable level creators to submit levels on their own). Keep it up (if you decide to keep doing this topic!).

Re: Contributions 1995-2006

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:00 pm
by MateFizyChem
Actually, your EMC topic is not the reason I posted this. It was an evolving idea. First, I wanted to ask whether there will be any more updates to the Contributions level set. Then I thought that only asking that is kind of rude, so I thought about discussing the contributions in general and asking about that in the end. Then, I decided not to ask the question at all but keep the rest and this is how the topic was made. Also I finished a level set, so I will discuss it.

(2000) Ben Braithwaite's Ben 200 is a great level set! In fact, I believe this is the set from which I learned most of the gameplay when I played RnD as a child. Like in the other set, most levels are a dare like "You can just exit, but I dare you do collect more gems/points!". It was great returning to childhood memories, I think this and Arno Luppold's level set are the two most memorable level sets from my childhood. I remember when in level 047 I used the 2nd player to come in and out of the Supaplex exit panel to repeatedly hear the exit sound, I just really liked it!
Two more things I want to mention is that some levels are impossible and you may see few swastikas in the set (which I hope are a design choice and nothing related to Nazism). Here are some levels that stood out to me: 000-003 (info levels), 026 (Bombs), 047 (Jumble), 080 (Don't give up!), 097 (How far can you come), 103 (Do it again!), 112-121 (Patwor), 142 (Come on!), 165 (There's no two things the same!), 190 (Falling), 191 (Time). 192 (Run [too many exclamation marks]). :mrgreen: :mrgreen: