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Interesting EMC engine object quirks

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 6:59 am
by RAP
Not sure if it supposed to be a NEW IDEA or GENERAL DISCUSSION; but I'm putting it on the latter just for curiosity and reachablity on what I found:

In the Emerald Mine Club levelset DIAMOND MINE, level 45; when the level starts off with a huge group of , surrounding the hiding behind the safely, but then something odd happened:
  • A first specific group of at the left and right side of the exploded earlier than usual.
  • Then a second specific group of at the top side of the exploded, still earlier than normal .
  • Finally the rest of the exploded just a delay earlier than the normal (which I had to compare it via the level editor for reference to make sure).
I find this interesting because those are modified to explode earlier than normal , which is out of the ordinary among the rest of the levels in the Emerald Mine Club set. If the level is played within the level editor, all the are at the same amount of delay time to explode as the normal , negating the modified from the original level coding.

I also recall distantly in the past that there were that move by themselves with only one . Unfortunately, I don't recall the exact levelset and level that this occurred. These kind of oddity EMC objects aren't in the level editor of Rocks'n'Diamonds. If such quirks were used during in the level, why not make these elements usable normally in the game (or even expand it to Rocks'n'Diamond themselves)? It makes me wonder if the level editors provided by the Emerald Mine Club allowed this circumstance happen; but it seems these occurrences are fairly rare out of the hundreds and thousands of levels in the Emerald Mine Club set.

I will mention any other object weirdness in this topic specifically; does anyone else encounter these things?