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Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:31 am
by RAP
Continued from the previous topic (now that the Rocks'n'DIamonds forum is back): "The EMC levelset".

Basically, this is a thread regarding the EMC levelsets themselves and progress of playing those levels. The difference with this topic and the previous topic is that there is an expanded focus on the thoughts and experiences of playing levelsets, or even individual levels that I haven't mentioned previously; make it a recording of playing these levels like a journal log. Because not much discussion about the whole Emerald Mine Club levelset has been mentioned in detail elsewhere in the world of Boulder Dash/Emerald Mine/Supaplex/etc; one way to reach out in this niche angle is through sharing our thoughts and experiences. Who knows, one day someone can use this to actually make new EMC-type levels, or Rock and diamond games in general.

One should be aware of Sturgeon's Law: "ninety percent of everything is crap." There is no doubt that this applies in the EMC batch of all things. I can sure bet there's going to be more indifference and negativity of the levels than the praise of the level design. This is also amplified by the fact that there is a possibility of duplicate levels, since there are compilations and rehashes. I wonder if such a thing is possible...

This list of finished levelsets I have done in single player is a work of progress (I need to verify the earlier topic's post regarding the recorded tapes):
14 levelsets finished. 1,134 levels solved
  • AMC MINE 1 (2009 12-Dec 13 = 2009 12-Dec 24): 0-80, 81 levels solved
  • ADVENTURES OF MR. B PART 1, THE (2009 12-Dec 25 = 2010 06-Jun 08): 0-80, 81 levels solved
  • ADVENTURES OF MR. B PART 2, THE (2009 12-Dec 31 = 2010 06-Jun 22): 0-80, 81 levels solved
  • BABY DUSTY MINI MINE (2013 12-Dec 19 = 2013 12-Dec 20): 0-80, 81 levels solved [RECOMMENDED!]
  • BOMB MINE 2 (2011 06-Jun 18 = 2012 07-Jul 30): 0-80, 81 levels solved
  • BOMB MINE 4 (2011 06-Jun 30 = 2011 12-Dec 19): 0-80, 81 levels solved
  • BOMB MINE 5 (2011 06-Jun 11 = 2012 02-Feb 21): 0-80, 81 levels solved
  • BOMB MINE 6 (2011 10-Oct 30 = 2012 02-Feb 29): 0-80, 81 levels solved
  • BOMB MINE 8 (2011 06-Jun 26 = 2012 02-Feb 20): 0-80, 81 levels solved
  • EMERALD CRUNCHER 1 (2010 06-Jun 22 = 2015 02-Feb 18): 0-80, 81 levels solved [NEW! = 2015 03-Mar 05]
  • EMERALD MINE (KINGSOFT) (2010 01-Jan 13 = 2010 05-May 21): 0-80, 81 levels solved
  • EMERALD MINE III (KINGSOFT) (2010 02-Feb 27 = 2010 05-May 30): 0-80, 81 levels solved
  • POOH MINE (2014 02-Feb 16 = same date): 0-80, 81 levels solved [note: there seems to be recycled levels] [NEW! = 2015 02-Feb 15]
  • TUTORIAL 1 (2013 12-Dec 13 = 2013 12-Dec 14): 0-80, 81 levels solved
Levelsets I'm stuck or have yet to be completed at the moment:
13 levelsets unfinished. 367 levels solved
  • AMC MINE 2 (2009 12-Dec 24 = 2013 07-Jul 17): 0-28, 29 levels solved [stopped due to lack of interest]
  • AMI DASHER (2014 02-Feb 18 = same date): 0-60, 62-80, 80 levels solved [level 61 skipped: unsolvable] [NEW! = 2015 02-Feb 15]
  • ADVENTURES OF MR. B PART 3, THE (2010 06-Jun 26 = 2012 07-Jul 21 [!]): 0-42, 43 levels solved [stopped due to difficulty]
  • BOMB MINE 10 (2012 03-Mar 10 = 2912 03-Mar 16 [!]): 0-3, 4 levels solved [stopped due to lack of interest]
  • BUG MINE 1 (2014 02-Feb 19 = ???), 0-11, 12 levels solved so far [NEW! = 2015 02-Feb 15]
  • CRYSTAL CAVERNS 1 (2010 12-Dec 17 = 2012 02-Feb 20 [!]): 0-13, 14 levels solved [stopped due to difficulty]
  • CRYSTAL CAVERNS 4 (GALAXY) (2010 11-Nov 11 = [!]): 0, 1 level solved [stopped due to lack of interest]
  • DANMARK MINE 1 (2014 03-Mar 01 = 2014 03-Mar 14) - 0-52, 53 levels solved so far [NEW! = 2015 02-Feb 15]
  • EAT MINE 2 (2014 02-Feb 19 = ???), 0-16, 17 levels solved so far [NEW! = 2015 02-Feb 15]
  • EMERALD CRUNCHER 2 (2010 06-Jun 25 = 2010 08-Aug 30 [!]): 0-36, 37 levels solved [stopped due to difficulty spike]
  • EXCEPTION ONE, THE (2011 03-Mar 25 = 2012 02-Feb 20 [!]): 0-49, 50 levels solved [stopped due to lack of interest]
  • FORGOTTEN MINE 1 (2014 02-Feb 20 = ???), 0, 1 level solved so far [NEW! = 2015 02-Feb 15]
  • SPACE MINE (2010 11-Nov 06 = 2010 11-Nov 12 [!]): 0-25, 26 levels solved [stopped due to perception of duplicated content]
Levelsets I'm skipping completely:
11 levelsets skipped. 228 levels solved
  • BOMB MINE 3 (2012 07-Jul 30 = 2013 12-Dec 17 [@]): 0-48, 49 levels solved [skipped due to questionable level rendering, unsure if solvable when altered]
  • BOMB MINE 9 - XMAS MINE 1 (2012 03-Mar 08 = 2012 03-Mar 10 [!]): 0-60, 61 levels solved [skipped due to Level 61 being unsolvable]
  • COSMOS MINE 1 (2014 02-Feb 27 = same date): 0-3, 4 levels solved [skipped because of difficulty spike] [NEW! = 2015 02-Feb 15]
  • COSMOS MINE 2 - BUTTERFLIES IN SPACE (???): ???, 0 levels solved [skipped because perception of duplicate levels] [NEW! = 2015 02-Feb 15]
  • DIAMOND DIGGER (2014 02-Feb 19 = 2014 02-Feb 19) 0-32, 33 levels solved [skipped because of perception of duplicated content] [NEW! = 2015 02-Feb 15]
  • ENEMY MINE (2014 02-Feb 20 = same date): ???, 0 levels solved [skipped because it's an exact copy of Emerald Mine (Kingsoft!)] [NEW! = 2015 02-Feb 15]
  • KIDS FUN MINE (2013 12-Dec 21 [@]): 0-79, 80 levels solved [skipped due to Level 80 being a duplicate of Level 38]
  • TOOL DISK V6.03 (2013 12-Dec 21 = ??? [@]): 1, 1 level solved [skipped due to not being a normal levelset, almost all levels unsolvable]
  • TUTORIAL 2 (??? = ??? [@]): 0, 0 levels solved [skipped due to too many duplicate levels in levelset]
  • TUTORIAL 3 (??? = ??? [@]): 0, 0 levels solved [skipped due to too many duplicate levels in levelset]
  • TUTORIAL V6 (??? = ??? [@]): 0, 0 levels solved [skipped due to the Emerald Mine engine not taking wraparound into account]
1,729 levels solved (from all three lists combined).

Thank goodness for the implementation of tapes. Not only they prove that the levels I played are solvable, but they also act as tally recorders of progress.

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:01 pm
by RAP
====== ====== ====== ====== ======
(NOTE: This post is being used for uploading the 1st batch of completed levelset tapes)
2015 03-March 06 (part 1 of 3).7z
Levelset tapes: Ace Mine 1, The Adventures of Mr. B 1, The Adventures of Mr. B 2, Baby Dusty Mini Mine, and Bond Mine 2.
(242.13 KiB) Downloaded 500 times
2015 03-March 06 (part 2 of 3).7z
Levelset tapes: Bond Mine 4, Bond Mine 5, Bond Mine 6, and Pooh Mine.
(249.58 KiB) Downloaded 480 times
2015 03-March 06 (part 3 of 3).7z
Levelset tapes: Bond Mine 8, Emerald Cruncher 1, Emerald Mine I (Kingsoft), and Emerald Mine III (Kingsoft).
(248.18 KiB) Downloaded 456 times
====== ====== ====== ====== ======

I've now completed BOND MINE 4 (2011 06-Jun 30 = 2013 12-Dec 19), and wow, that was something; just like the rest of the Bond Mine level series in general.

It seems to be a common problem with most of the Emerald Mine Club sets. I had to use the level editor as a form of a cheat because of two reasons: the creator of these levels often crafted those levels to be vague and head-inducing in - it is as if they expect people to keep an eye out for those trappings that forces players to start the level over (like using invisible walls, bombs destroying gems after a Yam Yam is smashed, and trapping keys from being taken without a hint), and everyone has a limited lifespan when it comes to enjoying things. I'm not sure the average time for a levelset is to be beaten, since compared to playing a Amiga to playing a modern computer that emulates it, but I can be sure that the latter is faster than the former due to accessibility.

While I liked the amount of compact and neatness the Bomb Mine levels in general are (though the neatness thing is to be talked another time), I can't help but feel that most of the levels consists of chamber pots of mixed up level concepts split into fragments with minor or no alterations; instead of making a level a distinct theme to tackle in those few exceptions (maze-like levels with little to no harm, quicksand levels, and bonus collection levels as examples). I find it so due to how large the levels are in comparision to the playfield of Boulder Dash levels.

I wonder where is the creator of those levels in this day and age? Anywho, onto the next levelset.

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:19 pm
by Holger
Well done! If you like, you could send me (or attach here) the tape files of those solved level sets -- I would like to just watch them for fun (and maybe include them as solution tapes with those sets).

And yes, you're perfectly right: Many sets of the EMC collection are just crap and probably not worth playing. To be honest, the EMC collection that I have collected and put together with their original artwork, title screens and title messages are more of a historical reference to that game and era than a set to really have fun playing it. At least, it's hard to find those sets that are really worth playing... Therefore, I should put together a "best of" compilation with only those level sets that are really good, and your list of sets apparently worth playing is a good help for doing that! :-)

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 9:42 pm
by RAP
@Holger: Oh, hey, I wasn't expecting you to respond. Then again, you're the only one who pops up so far post-forum inactivity. I'm not sure which levelset tapes would I give you, I never thought of just entertaining someone completing a level, like a Let's Play. I would like to note that I also had to cheat (because time reasons) by utilizing the pause button, and that this is not a TAS. Maybe you would like to compare how much I react and play (but that pause button use) with your tapes! I'll see what I can do; can I change the attachments at will?

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
Regarding my thoughts on levelsets, I will be making reactions to levelsets that are great, and that are total utter crap.

I've now finished BABY DUSTY MINI MINE (2013 12-Dec 19 = 2013 12-Dec 20) and TUTORIAL 1 (2013 12-Dec 13 = 2913 12-Dec 14), but my main focus is the former.

I blitz through a day or two because of the mini-level direction taken by the level creators, but it seems like that direction benefited the levels being bite-sized consumables despite the first 20 or 40 levels being tutorials. For once, levels that have a theme instead of a chamber-pot of level after level. Don't get me wrong, there's a levelset called THE EXCEPTION TWO that takes the chamber-pot stance and makes a big twisted novelty out of it, but most of the other levelsets seem to take it on chamber-pot directions that result in no theming of the level. Under those playfield levelsets, those levels have a purpose to be solved with how it is laid out than actual filler. I highly recommend this level for a beginner or just playing it like an internet Flash game.

The reason why I'm still developing a new levelset under the Emerald Mine engine is to be inspired by the shiny diamonds that are buried underneath the heavy rocks. There are glimpses of level design that utilizes the tried and true game elements in new ways. It has been development since 2010 but delays, delays. I even worked on a 15 by 15 version of the levelsets to switch around and work under those creative limitations.

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:59 am
by RAP
I have decided to stop and potentially skip BOMB MINE 9 - XMAS MINE 1 (2012 03-Mar 08 = 2013 12-Dec 23 [@]) due to Level 61 being unsolvable.

In spite of using a level editor just to check the level layout and the Yam Yam contents so I don't have to be cheated by how the levels are designed, make it deviously hard to artificially lengthen game time. This is a stumbling block of replays that result in the same outcome: one emerald left with no possible gems to reach.

It is suspected that in the middle bottom of the level, the exit area next to a set of Yam Yams at the left, and 9 Emeralds at the right, there is an empty space which is supposed to have the last Emerald to collect in order to finish the level, but it's not there! I'm not sure if it is a file deterioration when pulling the levels out from the original .ADF file for that it was copied with subtle improper marks. I used the level editor to scout possible gem opportunities that I might've missed: nope. There is nothing at all that sticks out such a possibility for the level to be solvable in my eyes at that time. My cynic side thinks the creator decided to reskin a Normal Wall from the EMC-V5 side of things into a Steel Wall just to pull the rug and make the levelset even harder.

61 levels solved out of this adventure, 20 of the levels will be missed out because of that one level is unsolvable out of the twenty yet to be finished levels. I know that I can freely skip those levels (due to flexibility reasons), but it doesn't seem appropriate when levelsets are supposed to be solved level by level, as the level number increases.

If you have thoughts and comments about this incident, I appreciate it.

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:53 pm
by Coaxl
For the record, I really appreciate this - particularly because I tried out your recommendation of the Baby Dusty Mini Mine and it's really fun (although I'm already having trouble with it even at around the mid-30s [edit: nevermind, I've just figured out the one I had a problem with right as I started playing afterwards :P ]). Can't you upload the tapes here, by the way?

Edit 2: I can also contribute to this, I suppose:

I've played Solomon's Lost Mine 1 and level 005 appears unsolvable. A pity, that levelset looked promising. It just appears to be sloppy level design - a door you have to pass through has sand instead of empty space on the other side, and I don't see any way to avoid that door.

Micro Mines also appears to run into a problem at 001. I see only one way to solve this level, but when I go back to the beginning, I find that the red key is not exposed - possibly two spaceships got blown up at once somewhere. If this can even be solved, at least it can be quite frustrating. In addition, you cannot solve this without looking at the level creator, a lot of trial and error, or just a plain lucky guess, so it's a stupid level altogether. I recommend avoiding this one.

Pooh Mine: extremely easy, no challenge at all (I skipped to level 79 after the initial levels and it was still trivial). Also, a lot of empty levels near the end.

Normal Mine series: VERY boring! Huge parts of the levels seem to exist for no reason other than to have to walk through it and annoy the player.

EMC Mine 1: As far as big levels go, this set is quite good. There is quite a bit of variety in the levels, some challenges, and it's fun to play IMO. Can't speak for the rest of the series, but give it a try. EDIT: Level 15 seems to have a wraparound problem, so it's certainly not perfectly playable. Many other levels are quite good, though.

Diamond Mine is nothing special. There are a few interesting levels there, but also quite a few boring cliché levels.

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:01 pm
by Holger
Thanks a lot for your comments, Coaxl! It's not only good to know which of these hundreds and hundreds of levels are wirth playing, but also good to know which ones to avoid! And you are right, there are quite a number of sets that are either very frustrating to play (if playable at all), but also a lot of them are just plain boring (or both). :-(

Regarding the EMC Mine sets, I've also found some of them well-designed and worth playing (not sure if it was EMC Mine 1 or one of the other four sets of this series).

For this reason, I plan to add some sort of level ranking/recommendation system to be able to see which levels and level sets have been ranked high or low by other players, but there is no "estimated time of arrival" for this feature...

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:15 pm
by Coaxl
Holger wrote:For this reason, I plan to add some sort of level ranking/recommendation system to be able to see which levels and level sets have been ranked high or low by other players, but there is no "estimated time of arrival" for this feature...
Yeah, that'd actually be a pretty good idea. Until then, I suppose threads like this will have to do. :P

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:11 pm
by RAP
@Coaxl: With Zomis' RnD file upload website being down, I'm not certain what I can do; perhaps send Holger the tapes. I'll see what I can do when I'm not too busy. EDIT: Oh, I forgot, the forum has the ability for me to upload files. I wonder if it accepts multiple files at once.

With the levelsets you played listed down, I will try to tackle them after finishing the current levelset I'm playing (back from inactivity due to other stuff); though hearing some of them, like NORMAL MINE series and EMC MINE series, the reason that I try to skip these compilation/bundled levels is to focus on original levelsets.

@Holger: What is more troubling is that in the levelsets I didn't recommend, there are good levels buried under a load of badly designed levels. My topic is designed for recommending levelsets rather than individual levels because (assuming we are not compiling the levels) it would be frustrating to jump from good level to good level from bad levelset to bad levelset for the player during in-game. BD4 is an example that the author managed to compile a bunch of levels from the EMC levelset and created a compilation that not only gives players a portal to the best of the best, it also encourages for some competition with score attacks (with tweaks from the author).

What is more heartbreaking is the access to teamwork-only levels, or even playtesting levels while playing with two players is nearly impossible to do unless you have someone else who loves rock-and-gem games (and huddling alongside the keyboard). Having said that, the amount of teamwork-only levels is small; and most people who play these games go solo.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
After a period of inactivity, finishing EMERALD MINE III (KINGSOFT) (2010 02-Feb 27 = 2010 05-May 30) earlier, I have some thoughts:

Bearing as an official levelset from the Emerald Mine levelsets, I checked the splash screen in Rocks'n'Diamonds and found out that it is a compilation of new fresh levels by fans of the series, launched by Kingsoft as it is released in 1990. However, what is begrudging is that the individual levels do not have the author named for the level. Level by level, there is no author named. If I was the creator of some of the levels, I would be angry and deserve at least to be credited. 25 level creators, not credited by level. Without any cross-examination or contact from the creators themselves, it's impossible to figure out which level level belongs to what creator.

Here is a list of the 25 authors vertically (with the best of my abilities to replicate the - underline indicates failure to find the correct character letter, used the closest character letter):
  • Roland Arendt
  • Helmut Arndt
  • H.-J. Becker
  • Reinhold Binsl
  • Andreas Dreyer
  • Wolfgang Dȕrotin
  • Willi Erndt
  • A. Geibendȍrfer
  • Inge Gerbeit
  • Joachim Gittel
  • Stefan Goetzke
  • M. Gravalas
  • Siegfried Lasare
  • Stephan Marks
  • Erwin Nowrot
  • Bernd Pomorin
  • Gundolf Rammel
  • Andreas Rau
  • Heiko Schmitt
  • Heinz-G. Schmitt
  • Franz Schnilingen
  • K.-H. Schwan
  • Axel Weinhold
  • Sven Weise
  • Jȕrgen Werner
Checking the EMERALD MINE 3 PRO (KINGSOFT) levelset, compiled by No One Inc., there seems to be anger with poor crediting (and other complaints), with the sendoff of suggesting aspiring level creators to send levels to them instead of Kingsoft. Recalling from reading BDFans, there seems to be a struggle with themselves vs. the fans (also known as the Emerald Mine Club).

Despite the amount of bad levels, the fascination of the Emerald Mine Club remains interesting and obscure; with questions popped up from my head:
  • What inspired the creation of this club?
  • Who are the founders?
  • Is there one Emerald Mine Club, or multiple?
  • Is the Emerald Mine Club angered by the amount of levels released in the internet for free when they are trying to sell their copies?
  • What does the physical media containing the levelset look like?
  • Where are the level creators now today?
It certainly makes me wonder...

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:58 pm
by Holger

you can also get the list of level authors from the file "titlemessage_1.txt" from that set:

Code: Select all

                          Welcome to


                      © 1990 by KINGSOFT

   Our special thanks for creating these 100+ new levels to:

    Roland Arendt      Joachim Gittel     Heiko Schmitt
    Helmut Arndt       Stefan Goetzke     Heinz-G. Schmitt
    H.-J. Becker       M. Gravalas        Franz Schnilingen
    Reinhold Binsl     Siegfried Lasare   K.-H. Schwan
    Andreas Dreyer     Stephan Marks      Axel Weinhold
    Wolfgang Dürotin   Erwin Nowrot       Sven Weise
    Willi Erndt        Bernd Pomorin      Jürgen Werner
    A. Geißendörfer    Gundolf Rammel
    Inge Gerbeit       Andreas Rau

   Enjoy the game!              Press RETURN to continue ...
And you're right that it is a shame that individual levels are not credited to their respective authors.

Then, your questions about the Emerald Mine Club are indeed interesting -- I also would like to know the answers! Regarding the questions if there is/was one Emerald Mine Club or multiple, I think there were at least sections in the Netherlands, in England and in Australia (as indicated from the title screens and/or title messages). I wonder how many "official" members these EM clubs had, or if they were "one man shows" of fans who collected and released new EM levels...

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:29 am
by RAP
I came up with a lot more questions after your post, with more on general stuff. Here they are:
  • What was it like for level creators to create and playstesting levels worth sharing?
  • What about the artwork they made?
  • Do the level creators share their ideas with other people?
  • What are the proposed game elements for Emerald Mine that were never implemented (since V6, new objects added, including the notable magic ball and the android)?
  • Why weren't there any more levelsets that have V6 game elements?
  • What was the last officially released levelset in the Emerald Mine Club?
  • How were the levelset disks distributed?
  • Who originated the archiving of the Emerald Mine Club levelsets online?
  • What was the process of archiving?
  • Who purchased (or owned) the most levelset physical disks?
  • Was there a score-attack competition (which predated BD4)?
I'm curious Holger, I was going to ask how did you have any connection with them at some point before the creation of Rocks'n'Diamonds? You dug up most of the Emerald Mine Club levelsets through a variety of FTP websites. I couldn't seem to find them just by websearching "Emerald Mine Club", but you did. Hearing that you were mystified by this notion, I'm not sure if this is documented in-depth, since the only source is their website. I'm puzzled, it unforunately remains a mystery that these questions will never be answered; even with author's marks of their names and addresses, I would assume it is outdated at this point.

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:41 am
by RAP
Just made an update on this topic, it's been a while since I done that, and it's been a while since I continued playing more EMC levels. I was occupied at the time and didn't dedicate my time to it; that's to the point that I didn't make any new levels in my own spare time. I'm not sure if I can return to that for the time being. Anyway, I'm close to releasing the tapes for the solved levelsets in the first post of the topic; I just need to have one tape file to be fixed that I somehow missed along the way.

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:00 pm
by Holger
Hi Ryan, did you succeed in fixing or re-recording that last missing tape you mentioned?

I'm really looking forward to your release of those solution tapes, as they would be very helpful for several purposes (like proving that those levels are really solvable, for convenience of players which are stuck in a level, and especially for regression testing of R'n'D itself, for which I already have quite a bunch of solution tapes for different level sets).

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 8:33 am
by RAP
@Holger: Checked and verified that it's all good! And now I have uploaded all the tapes for the completed levelsets that I've done. I was supposed to upload all the files by levelset, but unfortunately, because the forum doesn't allow me to upload more than 3 attachment files per post, I tried condensing all of it into 1 .7z, but the filesize limit for attachments is 256kB. So I had to perform trial and error and figure out how to upload all the levels under that limit with different combinations on the folders and their filesizes and compression rate. This batch is located in the 2nd post of the topic, with respective tape folders named.

Since you mentioned that you have EMC tapes that you recorded, can you upload your files and my files to your website? I recall that Bojster did something about this (which the website is still up: You could probably add a section in the Rocks'n'Diamonds page on solutons and help stuff with these tapes.

Speaking of collaboration, unfortunately, it just hit me that I'm pretty much sure all of current R'n'D players (if they still exist besides the remaining users who talked), even specific to playing EMC levels are playing single player mode at this current state. Thus, we cannot tell if there are bugs in teamwork mode that you missed. At this point, it would be nice to play it over online in teamwork so that people can solve levels together (and record it in a tape file!).

Re: Emerald Mine Club levelset completion progress

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:27 am
by RAP
Hey Holger, I just checked and it turns out there was an update of July 6th of this year. According to a blog post in that website, two people from Emearld Mine Club of Great Britain sent a bunch of levelsets that were missing from the collection! Would you mind try updating your Emerald Mine Club collection so that Rocks'n'Diamonds can play the levelsets with ease of access?

Speaking of EMC, two people from Great Britain had something to do with the Emerald Mine Club there. Seriously wish I could talk to them and ask questions in regards to running the Emerald Mine Club in Great Britain and the interactions made back then. Perhaps talking to Steffest could help!