Hello guys.

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Hello guys.

Post by Rubycored » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:58 pm

I'm rather surprised this game is still running and being updated (I forgot the version I had back in those days, but it was around 2005/6 when I first played it.)

So umm, I'm known as Rubycored on the internets (or just "Ruby" for short), I first knew about this game when I was searching online for any windows-based Boulderdash games (I remember fondly of the Macintosh "Baulder dosh" especially its level 13, but struggled to find any worthwhile windows-based versions...)

I am a puzzle-game lover (Bejeweled and Collapse series being my top two favourite series) and I maintain a Youtube channel which is linked in my profile. in the future I might even start making gameplays of me playing through this game (it's Fraps recordable, right?)

Though I realised that there are plenty of different level sets in the game, any guides on which one(s) I should start first, or which one(s) are the most popular amongst you regulars?

But otherwise, glad to be onboard :D

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Lee Brewer
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Re: Hello guys.

Post by Lee Brewer » Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:01 pm

Welcome Ruby!

I personally like the BD2K3 set for its graphics. It takes the look of the game to a new level.

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