Snake Bite

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Snake Bite

Post by jenny »

Is "Snake Bite" is the newest level set?

Because I remember It got out a few years ago.

What is the newest level set? (I want on with new improved graphics)

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Post by Zomis »

Hello and Welcome!

Forum member Sascha has completed a levelset which has recently been released, ...

I'm sure there are others out there as well.
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Post by flump »

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(I want on with new improved graphics)
Artsoft links and hosts the latest full custom artwork games, Zomis and BD-fans host the rest. There isn't a central list of all RnD levels, they're all mixed up...which is a shame. (BD-fans was close, but hasn't updated for ages)
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Post by Davacardo »

As flump said...
I don't know anywhere I could host files (I think my ISP has some space).

I'd like to see Holger, or maybe Zomis or someone similiar create some space for levelset and artwork uploading - an official site for all things RnD. Somewhere centralised.
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Post by Sascha »

>BD-fans was close, but hasn't updated for ages

Yes, that's right. There were several documentations there yet, were't there? But no one did a continuous one (except of Zomis, but not very seperated, as already said...)

Zomis, couldn't you create a files archive with several categories instead of one single huge collection of everything that was ever done? Categories like levels, levelgroups, artwork sets, sound and music sets, etc. ? Only a suggestion..

(BTW: I'm not very skilled making such an archive, I'd do it as well if I knew how)
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