Boulder Dash NDS and PSP Level Designers wanted !

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Boulder Dash NDS and PSP Level Designers wanted !

Post by DanHerrix »

Hi Everyone,

we are 10Tacle Mobile, located in Duisburg, Germany and are the makers of the upcoming Boulder Dash DS and PSP game. We are currently looking for Boulder Dash Level designers who are interested to work on the latest BD Game that will be released before Xmas this year.

If you think that you can come up with great leveldesigns we would like to hear from you. Unfortunatly we cannot hand out the Leveleditor to the public due to legal reasons. We hope we can sort a way to collaborate with you ! Thanks

Daniel Hericks

Project Manager
10Tacle Mobile
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Post by Gavin »

I would be happy to have a shot.
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Post by LieDetector »

This is bullshit, ignore it.

If they made their own BD engine, then why not make their own levels? Why come to some hobbyist forum for them?

Plus the words "legal reasons" makes me uneasy.

*edit* Yes I'm still looking out for you all.....even though I'm not here anymore........Ben Kenobi style.
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Post by Hell »


Wouldn't it be easier for 10Tacle to write a conversion tool to convert RnD levels into the format which 10Tacle needs for the PSP game?
That way it would be easier for the people on this forum to create exclusive levels for 10Tacle with the level creator they are used to work with. And 10Tacle wouldn't have any problems with "legal reasons" with spreading their Boulder Dash level creator.

Just my 2 cents ;-)
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dot dot dork

Post by asiekierka »

i COULD help, but i will have PSP just in late August/July.
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