Pre-release version 3.2.0rc0 available!

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Pre-release version 3.2.0rc0 available!

Post by Holger »

For the impatient, there's a first snapshot of the upcoming new R'n'D version 3.2.0 available.

As always, the package includes a win32 binary, as user's of the other supported platforms are expected to be able to build the binary for their system from the also included source code.

This pre-release version allows you to take a first sneak preview on the new Emerald Mine game engine; you also need the two new graphic files included, although you won't see much of it in the current version; this will of course be streamlined in the final version.

Remember that you cannot take any advantage of the new engine with the existing converted Emerald Mine style levels, but need the original, raw level files. Therefore, to test the new engine, there's also a testing package with those level sets which were requested for testing in this forum. Just unpack it into your "levels" directory as usual. To see which engine a certain level uses, have a look into the level editor on the "info" screen -- there's a new selectbox where the currently active engine is displayed (and where it can also be changed for existing levels, of course).

Also note that the current EM engine works just like the original when it comes to placing dynamite. That means, you have to press the "snap" key for a short time to place dynamite, just like in the original game. This might change in the final version, but should be discussed before, as this would in fact be a change of the engine that differs from the original behaviour (with all consequences).

So, here are the download links for the pre-release archives: ... ...

Please test it thoroughly, and tell me about all bugs, problems and other issues.

But now: Have fun playing with it! :-)

And by the way: Happy new year everybody! :-)
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